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Overview: 4 Weeks 2 Shred

I have shown you how to transform, build muscle, and to challenge your limits through DTP. Now, I am going to show you how to get shredded over 28 days. Not only will I show you, as usual, I am going to lead by example and put my knowledge into mileage by getting shredded with you.

I have captured the entire process in the Peak Physique in Wales where you follow me through reps, sets, meals, cardio sessions, workouts, supplements, and more. This is 4Weeks2Shred.

For the next 28 days you will be my client and training partner. You learn how to steadily manipulate your food, calculate your heart rate, what to lift, and what supplements to take to maintain muscle and get ripped. If you want to transform like me, get ready, because it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. We will do what others can’t to get results others aren’t.

Firstly, clear out your cupboards of all the junk food and head to my Nutrition Overview page for your grocery shopping list. Next, let’s get prepared otherwise you will only be prepared to fail. During these next 4 weeks, I will only allow failure on the last rep. Here are staple accessories needed before beginning day 1: a cooler bag, ice blocks, Tupperware, kitchen scales, bathroom scales, Ziploc bags, wrist straps, and shaker bottles.

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