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Overview: 8 Week Muscle Building Trainer

I’m Kris Gethin, the CEO of KAGED, and you’re about to see me embark on an 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer. This is the best program that I have done yet, and I believe it’s the best available from any other company, website, or publication. Millions of viewers and thousands of unbelievable transformations from men and women, young and old, novice and experienced trainers demonstrate the results of my program.

My goal with this trainer series is to encourage you to join me and all of these other people following along with my daily workouts, and all other aspects of this training, nutrition, and supplement program to build muscle mass. The best news is that this program is completely free! You don’t have to spend a nickel, but you do have to invest your time and effort.

This first step to getting these results for yourself is to commit to following my program and watch a video every morning. Then you need to follow every recommendation of my proven advice. You should also join my KAGED Facebook group for further accountability, transparency, and advice from people just like you.

I recently completed an Ironman in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and then a Spartan and ultra-marathon following that. I also decided to go vegetarian and take time away from the gym after a cortisone injection in my shoulder, which currently has two torn tendons. As a result, I added body fat and lost muscle. That’s not surprising because I also stopped performing dozens of hours of cardio a week.

For this trainer program, I switched my goal from completing an Ironman and ultra-marathon to adding back muscle mass while cutting body fat. It may come as a surprise that you can do both at the same time, but seeing my results will convince you. In fact, I have documented every day of this process for you to follow. You’ll see all the exercises I performed, and I’ll tell you all the set and rep schemes I followed as well as tips for specific exercises. In addition, I provide nutrition and supplementation suggestions.

I based this program on everything I’ve learned from the world’s leading PhDs, scientists, functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, supplement formulators, pro athletes, and my thousands of clients over the past 20 years. This 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer provides my daily guidance on this all-natural program. I want you to follow it to the letter to get similar results.

I’ll join you as your trainer and training partner for the next eight weeks, providing all the guidance you need. Are you ready to make this commitment? If so, let’s get started!

Check out my Facebook group for more information and motivation! You can comment and connect with others who have followed or are following my 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer Series.

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