Hydration Elite Sample
Hydration Elite Sample
Hydration Elite Sample
Hydration Elite Sample
Hydration Elite Sample
Electrolyte Sticks*

Hydration Elite Sample


Kaged Hydration Elite is an electrolyte and high-performance drink mix designed for high-intensity workouts. Now available in travel packs perfect for traveling and to keep in your gym bag whenever you need them. It offers superior hydration, enhanced performance, and vital trace minerals to fuel your most intense training sessions

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Team Kaged recommends:
Hydration Elite Sample 1 Stick / Strawberry Yuzu

Hydration Elite Sticks: Stay Hydrated and Train Longer*

5 key electrolytes and ingredients that improve performance in convenient on-the-go stick packs.*


Hydration Elite Sticks: Stay Hydrated and Train Longer*

5 key electrolytes and ingredients that improve performance in convenient on-the-go stick packs.*

Convenient Travel Packs

For anywhere you get after it.

Third-Party Certified

Informed Sport Certified and Banned Substance Free + safer for athletes.

Health-Conscious Hydration

Sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan.

Why Hydration Elite Sample?

Support Hydration With More Electrolytes*

When you sweat, you lose key electrolytes that are critical for peak performance and optimal function. Hydration Elite has 498mg of key electrolytes and trace minerals to help you stay hydrated, as well as ingredients to support electrolyte absorption, so your body uses what you give it.*

Perform Better During Intense Training*

Hydration Elite is more than electrolytes. It improves endurance, promotes increased power output, and helps improve body composition in conjunction with resistance training.* With Hydration Elite, you’ll be able to train harder and longer, helping you reach your goals.*

Antioxidant Support*

With high-absorption PureWayC® Vitamin C, and an antioxidant blend from 29 fruits, vegetables, and herbs, Hydration Elite doesn’t lose sight of your health. Antioxidants play a critical role in recovery by helping inhibit free radical production during intense exercise.


How does Hydration Elite differ from Hydra-Charge?

While Hydra-Charge is an excellent choice for daily hydration support, Hydration Elite is specifically formulated for intense workouts and high-performance athletes. It contains more electrolytes and performance-enhancing ingredients like elevATP®.

How does Hydration Elite support hydration, energy and stamina?

Hydration Elite contains a potent blend of 5 key electrolytes along with trace minerals that are essential for maintaining fluid balance in the body, especially during intense workouts. It also contains taurine, which supports cellular hydration.*

Hydration Elite contains taurine, an amino acid that aids in the transportation of essential nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, reducing muscle fatigue and promoting longer, more effective workouts.

How does Hydration Elite support ATP production?

Hydration Elite contains elevATP®, a unique ingredient that naturally enhances the body's production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy currency of the body. This boost in ATP production supports improved strength, power, and performance.

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Third-Party Certified

Banned Substance Free

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Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Designed For Athletes

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