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Natural Testosterone + Blood Flow Support*

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Kaged TEST Elite uses patented, innovative ingredients to help naturally increase testosterone levels. It helps increase both free total testosterone and helps manage healthy cortisol levels. This creates an ideal anabolic ecosystem for more muscle, increased strength, and feeling your best. It also supports prostate health and blood flow, which decline with age. TEST Elite is for men to reclaim their drive, vitality, and manhood.
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Team Kaged recommends:
Test Elite 30 Servings

Test Elite: Combat Declining T Levels*

Help increase both free and total testosterone while managing healthy cortisol levels.


Test Elite: Combat Declining T Levels*

Help increase both free and total testosterone while managing healthy cortisol levels.

Clean Ingredients

High quality natural key ingredients to support Test levels*

Vitality + Performance*

Helps you perform + feel your best*

Health Conscious

All-natural key ingredients, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan

Why Test Elite?

Naturally Support Test Levels*

TEST Elite is an innovative formula that helps increase both free and total testosterone.* Testosterone is considered the “master” hormone for building muscle. Typically around age 30, men’s testosterone levels begin to drop. With it, men lose muscle, strength, and vigor. But it doesn’t have to go this way. TEST Elite will help you reclaim your vitality, strength, and manhood.*

Regain Your Vigor and Vitality

In addition to testosterone, blood flow also trends downwards with age. This impairs everything from gym performance to sexual vitality. TEST Elite contains ingredients that help increase blood flow by initiating nitric oxide synthesis. Improved blood flow will help you perform your best, whether in the gym or the bedroom.*

Manage Stress*

You know that stress is hard on the body. TEST Elite combats stress with adaptogens that help manage healthy cortisol levels, otherwise known as the “stress hormone.” Soon after taking TEST Elite, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to take on new challenges.


How does Kaged TEST Elite boost both free and total testosterone?

Kaged TEST Elite contains MR-10™, an ingredient that has been shown to support the health of Leydig cells, which are crucial for testosterone production. This promotes both free testosterone, which is readily available for your body to use, and bound testosterone, a reserve that can be converted into free testosterone when needed.*

How does Kaged TEST Elite manage healthy cortisol and stress levels?

TEST Elite uses KSM-66® Ashwagandha, a potent adaptogen shown to help manage cortisol levels. By helping to manage cortisol levels, it helps maintain a hormonal balance, essential for muscle growth and overall health.*

When can I expect to see results from using Kaged TEST Elite?

While individual results may vary, most users report experiencing noticeable improvements in strength, vitality, and overall wellbeing within a few weeks of consistent use.

What are Leydig cells, and why are they important for testosterone production?

Leydig cells are located within the testes and are essential for testosterone production. They respond to signals from the luteinizing hormone by synthesizing and secreting testosterone, a hormone crucial for male secondary sexual characteristics and maintaining muscle mass and strength.

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