Clean Burn Elite
Clean Burn Elite
Clean Burn Elite
Clean Burn Elite
Clean Burn Elite
Clean Burn Elite
Health + Energy Weight Loss Drink*

Clean Burn Elite

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If your goal is weight management, Clean Burn® Elite will help you get there. This delicious drink targets weight loss from multiple angles: It will help support your metabolism, accelerate glucose absorption in fat cells, and give you the energy you need to power through during a cut phase.* This clean formula will increase thermogenesis, healthy weight loss, and help you achieve the physique you deserve.*


How to Use
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Team Kaged recommends:
Clean Burn Elite 30 Servings / Lemon Drop

Clean Burn Elite: Support Thermogenic Weight Loss*


Clean Burn Elite: Support Thermogenic Weight Loss*

Clean Ingredients

The highest-quality thermogenic ingredients on the market.

Third-Party Certified

Informed Sport Certified and Banned Substance Free + designed for athletes.


No flavors or colors from artificial sources, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan

Why Clean Burn Elite?

The Clean Way to Get Lean

Clean Burn® Elite provides the perfect balance between health and performance. With high-quality ingredients such as InnoSlim®, CaloriBurn GP®, and Capsimax®, it will support healthy, sustainable weight loss.*

Cardio’s Best Friend

Clean Burn® Elite will give you clean energy from Organic caffeine and support the weight loss benefits of cardio workouts.* Take Clean Burn Elite as your pre-workout for running, cycling, HIIT, or any other training session where weight loss is your goal. In addition to cardio, you can switch up your morning routine by substituting coffee for Clean Burn® Elite.

Burn More Sugars and Fats as Fuel*

The ingredients in Clean Burn Elite like InnoSlim® will help you use up sugar and fat as fuel by activating the adiponectin and AMPK pathways. Through these mechanisms, it promotes healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within the normal healthy range.*


How does Clean Burn® Elite differ from Clean Burn® Powder?

Clean Burn Elite is a health-focused fat burner supplement, similar to our Clean Burn Powder. The key difference is the addition of an innovative ingredient called InnoSlim®. This ingredient has been shown to promote glucose absorption, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the supplement. It also supports healthy lipid and cholesterol levels.

What is InnoSlim and how does it enhance the effects of Clean Burn® Elite?

InnoSlim® works by activating two pathways in the body: the AMPK and adiponectin pathways. AMPK, often referred to as a 'metabolic master switch,' initiates processes to use sugars and fats to generate ATP, the body's energy currency.

Adiponectin is a hormone that plays an integral role in fatty acid breakdown. High levels of adiponectin promote the oxidation of fats, promoting healthy fat and cholesterol levels.* This makes Clean Burn Elite even more effective in supporting your weight management goals.

Can I take Clean Burn® Elite every day?

Yes, you can take Clean Burn Elite daily. Clean Burn Elite is effective before cardio, during training, or as part of a morning routine. Because it has caffeine, it’s best if you take it earlier in the day. Many find it useful as part of their morning routine.

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Third-Party Certified

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Clean Ingredients

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